“Le Jardin” is our Glatt Kosher restaurant, with the CIG’s walls, under the supervision of Rav Dr. Izhak Dayan, the Chief Rabbi of the CIG.  The restaurant offers French and Middle Eastern style cuisine, inspired by different Jewish culinary traditions.

Open from Monday to Friday for lunch and Tuesday and Thursday evenings, the restaurant will allow you to discover creative cooking, combing quality and generosity, in a friendly and warm setting.

“Le Jardin” will make each moment special – whether for a business meeting, a family moment, or a simple meal between friends.


Le Jardin” has a catering service for your specific needs and lifestyle; at the restaurant, CIG, at home or carry out – to meet your needs and expectations.  For any event; dinner at home between friends, a Shabbat diner, a child’s birthday, a Brit Milah, a Bar or Bat-Mitzva, a wedding, an evening event, a special cocktail, you call always rely on our professional team to make your event a real success.

Weekly menu

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Restaurant menu

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21 Avenue Dumas, 1206 Geneva

Reservation and information at +41 22 317 89 10


The restaurant “Le Jardin” is on the ground floor of the CIG

Glatt Kosher under the supervision of Rav Dr. Izhak Dayan, Chief Rabi of the CIG

Restaurant manager: Mr. David Mellet

Kitchen manager: Mr. Dominique Veuillet

Shomer: Mr. Samuel Nezrit




Monday to Thursday              12:00-14:00

Tuesday and Thursday           19:00-21:30

Friday                                             12:00-13:00

For dinner groups, we ask you to please reserve

Shabbat Challoth (advance order required), Friday:  6Fr50 (each)

Carry-out (take-away) Kosher meals can be ordered from “Le Jardin” for your home or for you or your hotel guests.

Avenue Dumas, 21 - 1206 Genève
+41 22 317 89 00

Quick contact

T. T. +41 22 317 89 07

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Opening hours

Reception and answering hours of the administrative services and offices of the CIG

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday:
9h00-12h00 et 14h00-15h30

9h00-12h00 et 13h00-16h00

Friday and eve of Jewish holidays:

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