Talmud Thorah

Our Talmud Torah is our community’s religious school, whose goal is to teach and transmit Jewish values and knowledge, which underpins and forges an essential part of our Jewish identity.

We build upon their learning and knowledge in succession, which culminates with their Bar or Bat- Mitzvas, and to their growth and maturity within the community

A key focus of the community, our Talmud Torah welcomes more than 120 children from 4 to 16 years every Wednesday afternoon in a hard-working yet fun environment.  Classes are organized by age groups.

Our children learn Hebrew, key prayers, the history of our people, traditions, Jewish holidays, laws of Kashrut, Shabbat, key fasts, etc.  In more advanced classes, children study the Bible in translation, as well as specific texts from the Torah, Mishnah and the Talmud.

Hebrew (reading and writing, understanding of modern Hebrew) has an important place.  All holidays are celebrated, taught and explained so that our children see that living the joy of our holidays is equally important as understanding them.

We prepare children for their Bar/Bat Mitzvas and organize group Bnot Mitzvas (usually by class). We have recently added, at our children’s request, a post Bar-Mitzva class

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Talmud Torah director: Mrs. Ilanit Tordjman
Avenue Dumas 21- 1206 Geneva

Tel: +41 22 317 89 00

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