The CIG is organized into departments, each of which aims to serve the members in the best possible way for all aspects related to Jewish life and social activities. In the following sections you will find a short description and a detailed description of each department. Each is headed by a Manager who reports to the Secretary General, with the exception of the Rabbinate, which is directly under the authority of the CIG board. Each department offers both regular or one-off activities that are described in the site.


The CCJJ is the community center of the Jewish youth of Geneva.  Its structure is organized into four specific age groups: children 6 to 10, teenagers 11 to 14, leaders 15 to 17, and students 18 to 30.   It is symbol of active Jewish youth,...


The cemetery department is composed of two private cemeteries which belong to the Jewish Community of Geneva, located in Veyrier and Carouge.


The cultural department holds regular events such as literary meetings, excursions throughout Switzerland, musical evenings and concerts, exhibitions and lectures on historical or current topics.

Gan Yeladim

The CIG’s GAN Yeladim (Jewish pre-school and kindergarten) is an integral part of life of our Jewish community.  Its role is educational and pedagogical; its purpose is to transmit Jewish identity and its values to children from an early...


The “Gérard Nordmann” library is the only specialized Judaica / Jewish public library in the French speaking part of Switzerland, with a collection of nearly 30,000 volumes and other printed documents.


We are proud of our Ulpan, a cultural activity of the Jewish Community of Geneva, whose goal is to teach modern Hebrew.


Le service patrimoine est en charge de la préservation et de la valorisation du patrimoine historique de la communauté israélite de Genève.

Property Administration

This department is responsible for operation, maintenance and property administration of the CIG as well setting up any needed infrastructure for the various events held at the CIG.

Religious Worship

Religious services, led by the community’s Chief Rabbi, Chazanim and Gabbais, maintains an active services calendar accessible to both the community’s members and all fellow Jews, so that each person can practice as a Jew.  We welcome all...


“Le Jardin” is our Glatt Kosher restaurant, with the CIG’s walls, under the supervision of Rav Dr. Izhak Dayan, the Chief Rabbi of the CIG.  The restaurant offers French and Middle Eastern style cuisine,...

Social department

The social welfare department welcomes, councils and aids all Jews living in the greater Geneva area, regardless of their affiliation

Talmud Thorah

Our Talmud Torah is our community’s religious school, whose goal is to teach and transmit Jewish values and knowledge, which underpins and forges an essential part of our Jewish identity.

We build upon their learning and knowledge in...

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