Gan Yeladim

The CIG’s GAN Yeladim (Jewish pre-school and kindergarten) is an integral part of life of our Jewish community.  Its role is educational and pedagogical; its purpose is to transmit Jewish identity and its values to children from an early age.

GAN Yeladim is a pre-school and kindergarten which focuses on Jewish culture and traditions for all Jewish young children living in Geneva and the surrounding area, from 4 months to 6 years of age.  Part of our work includes the first two years of the compulsory Swiss school curriculum (1P and 2P) at GAN.

Children are supervised by trained educators, using a specific curriculum for the youngest children and the Swiss HARMOS curriculum (Plan d’Etude Romand) for 1P and 2P classes.  We vary activities and pair them to each class / age, which also integrates the cycle of Jewish holidays.

Our establishment is in a modern facility, meets all local, Cantonal and Federal standards, and is in a lush semi-rural environment where your children can flourish and develop.

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Gan Yeladim Kids garden «Edmundo Safdié»

Co-Director Mss Caroline Guivante et  Mss Yaffa Dayan

Route de Veyrier, 206 – 1255 Veyrier

Tél. : +41 22 899 13 32 or +41 22 317 89 06
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