The cemetery department is composed of two private cemeteries which belong to the Jewish Community of Geneva, located in Veyrier and Carouge.

The cemetery department is composed of two private cemeteries which belong to the Jewish Community of Geneva, located in Veyrier and Carouge.

Jewish CArouge Cemetery

This cemetery opened in 1788, when Carouge was part of the Kingdom of Sardinia, and since 1815 is now part of the canton of Geneva and Switzerland.   Covering approximately one hectare, it is comprised of three parcels of a total of 920 graves. The varied gravestone architectural styles attest to the cultural diversity of each period; Alsatian and German Ashkenazi during the 18th and 19th centuries, with Russian and Polish from the beginning of the 20th century.

There has been essentially no activity since 1970, when the Veyrier cemetery took over, however future burials could still be carried out in some of the few remaining plots (specifically reserved for descendants of those presently interred in Carouge).

It’s unique place in history (this cemetery has been under very different countries and governments:  the Kingdom of Sardinia, the French Republic, the First French Empire and now the Helvetic Confederation) has a different mission today – that of a cultural and educational role through guided tours.

Veyrier Jewish Cemetery

This cemetery, created in 1920, is one of a kind as it straddles two countries, along the Swiss-French border.  With entrances in both countries, the funeral center and prayer hall are in Switzerland while all burial grounds and plots are in France (visitors and family normally arrive and park on the Swiss side).

It is legally and administratively under both countries, the Canton of Geneva / municipality of Veyrier and the French department of Haute-Savoie and municipality of Étrembières.

This unique geographic location also had a significant role during the Second World War.  It allowed many Jewish people to escape Nazi extermination by passing through this special border crossing.

Comprising some 3,300 graves, it is the biggest Jewish cemetery in the greater trans-border region.

It is noteworthy for both its prayer hall, built by the architect Julien Flegnheimer (also known for Geneva’s Cornavin Main Rail Station and the Palais des Nations Unis) and Genesis “dalle de verre” (artwork of artist Régine Heïm), one of the biggest “dalle de verre” stained glass windows in the world.

Management and Administration

Management and Administration

The two cemeteries of Carouge and Veyrier are private and denominational, but open to visitors from Sunday to Friday (closed Saturdays and feast days of the Hebrew calendar). However, they can only be buried there in Jewish faith – according to the Halakha (Jewish laws). The character of the burials is perpetual. Burial or scattering of ashes is prohibited.

Unlike the communal cemeteries, the two Jewish cemeteries at Carouge and Veyrier are entirely run and managed by the CIG, which owns them. To this end, it has an autonomous funeral center that ensures the reception and preservation of bodies, as well as the reception of families in so-called “waking” rooms. It also has an Oratory for the funeral ceremony.

The staff in charge of both cemeteries is employed by the CIG. Therefore, it ensures the maintenance and the preservation of the two sites and carries out the major part of the operations related to the preparation of the funeral (with the exception of the transport of the bodies, reserved for the “organizations of Pompes Funèbres” and the ritual toilet deceased persons, which is carried out by volunteer members of Ezrah (Hevra Kadicha)).

The CIG rabbinate usually directs the funeral. Families may, however, if they so wish, and in agreement with the IGC rabbinate, call on external rabbis and ministerial ministers

Online search of graves

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Gravestones maintenance

The CIG no longer provides for the maintenance and flowering of gravestones. In accordance with the legislation in force, families have the obligation to maintain their burials and / or their concessions. We do however have at their disposal the contact details of service providers who can be mandated for this purpose. These contact details will be sent to you on request at the secretariat at  or + 41 22 317 89 00. Occasional interviews may however be requested, an estimate will be drawn up.

Cemetery Regulations

The latest version of the Cemetery Regulations can be downloaded here.

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