We are proud of our Ulpan, a cultural activity of the Jewish Community of Geneva, whose goal is to teach modern Hebrew.

Our Ulpan is open to member and non- member adults alike and teaches reading, writing and conversational Hebrew – the ancestral language of the Jewish people, the primary official language of the State of Israel and a notable “lingua franca” of the Jews of the diaspora.  Ulpan classes go beyond merely learning the language, but also connect with Jewish cultural heritage and the Jewish thought.

We have four levels: beginners, elementary, and intermediate, advanced.

The teacher helps to assess the student’s level.

Place: 21 av. Dumas

Length:  One (1.5 hour) class a week, from September to June.

Application form

Séance d’information: Jeudi 30 août à 20h00 à l’amphithéâtre: Cliquez-ici

Pour télécharger le dossier d’inscription : Cliquez-ici


Professeur : Mrs Yaffa Bendayan –

T. +41 22 736 10 10 or +41 79 476 24 45

Information and/or Registration

Mrs Chirlie Sellam : Tel +41 22 317 89 07

E-mail :


(Starts 4 September 2018)


* 17:00-18:30 (intermediate)

* 18:45-20:15 (2nd year)


17h00- 18h30 (advanced)

18:45- 20:15 (3rd year)


18:45- 20:15 (1st & 2nd level)


18h45- 20h15 (beginners

Secretariat : +41 22 317 89 07

E-mail :