Social department

The social welfare department welcomes, councils and aids all Jews living in the greater Geneva area, regardless of their affiliation

We provide all services on a strictly confidential basis, with a network of professionals, social workers and therapists.   Our assistance is multi-fold:  psychosocial, administrative, financial, food assistance (Geneva’s Partage Foundation, i.e. Geneva area food bank), as well as school and university grants.   We help the ill, senior citizens and those in palliative care with a broad group of trained and experienced volunteers, both at their homes or at the hospital.  We additionally assist, at their discretion, all families in bereavement.

We also assist by helping the needy call upon Cantonal, Communal and Federal government services, particularly those of the social action network in Geneva.  Funding is further supplemented by donations from private donors and other associations.

We partner with the “Filles d’Esther” (Daughters of Esther) social group to sponsor all retirees who wish, to lunch every Tuesday and Thursday at the CIG restaurant for 10 Fr.  We also organize a specific event every Tuesday at 14:00 for our Golden Age group at the CIG, and a once a month excursion (museum visit, conferences, trips, etc.).

Our well stocked Comisra shop has been set up with a well-stocked collection of unique, quality and varied second hand clothing at very attractive prices (typically from 2 to 20 Fr).  All revenues generated from sales are used to fund our aid programs.

We are also a recognized training venue for pre-internship students, practicum for Swiss ACE track students, Swiss high school students with this area of interest, and those pursuing a Bachelor degree at HETS (Haute école de travail social).

For all questions, always feel free to call us at +41.22.317.89.23


  • Mrs. Evelyne Morali Social welfare service manager Social worker, family therapist, certified social welfare traininer
  • Mrs. Nicole Engel             Social  worker
  • Mrs. Delphine Lok            Social service secretary


  • Every day from 10:00-12:00 and 14:00-16:00, except Friday afternoon